Reason #319,452 that I love my mom

Took her to see Skyfall the other day on my day off. We’re running late, and I grab the tickets (now $9.50 each, and I realize I’m not going to get any sympathy from my readers on the coasts). I boogie toward the theater as I want to miss as little, even of trailers, as possible. She heads for the concession stand.

Mom: Do you want popcorn? I want some popcorn.

Me: Don’t do it. I don’t really eat at the theater, and trust me: Don’t do it.

Five minutes later, she finds our seats…

Mom: Why the hell didn’t you tell me how much it was going to cost?

Me: I tried. What were you expecting, Cinema 20 prices? (More on Cinema 20 in a later post.) 

Mom: Well, not quite, but not this expensive. How much do you think this (holds up small popcorn) cost me?

Me: I dunno. 5 bucks?

It was 6.

Anyway, trailers had been playing, and up pops the Miramax/Weinstein/whateverthey’recallingthemselvesthesedays logo and I’m like, “Here we go. I can’t wait for this”

Mom: What’s this?

Me: Just wait. You’ll see.

One minute more of trailer, during a superzoom on Dicaprio-

Mom: Oh, hell yes! When does this come out?

I’m not ashamed to admit that it wasn’t my first go-round seeing it, but my mom was hip enough to go see Kill Bill with me in a theater. 

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